1. LDS navigation robot& Dust bag, easy clean for you home and free your hands for a month, higher cleaning efficiency and better route planning, Vacuum and Mop Combo with Self-Empty and Auto-Mop Washing Station;
2. Carpet boost technology help improve vacuum ability, much clean than ever before, MAX 3000pa is unstoppable;
3. 5200mAh big battery enable longer working time, enable Max 250mins working time;
4. Smart mapping technology can make 95% coverage;
5. With smart app connetcion, controlled by cell phone anytime, and you can schedule cleaning, control your robot when to clean, where to clean and where no go ;
6. Enable vacuum&mopping function, multiple working patterns.
7. Support TUYA APP, Alexa, Google home compatiable;
8. 4 pieces Anti-falling, black carpet, strong light (25000lux), do not hang on the edge;
9. Anti-jamming protection system;
10. Equipped with a 2 electric mopping system, it can sweep, mop& vacuum at the same time, there are 4 options of water volume to suit different cleaning needs;