//wet dry floor washer
  • WD5

    1. All-in-One Vacuum and Mop;
    2. Intelligent LED display
    3. Self-Cleaning & Separate Water Tank;
    4. Multi-Surface Floor Washer; Multi-Surface Cleaning;
    5. Wash and suck integrated;Deep cleaning greasy dirt on the floor;
    6. Two tank & cyclone filtration system;The suction is powerful and sustainable;
    7. Self-cleaning mode: Wash brush automatically / Manual free;
    8. Efficiently clean floor by high-speed roller brush and reduces water residues;
    9. Efficiently separate the dust and stains without clogging
    10. No cord. No Hassle.
    11. 23 cm main brush, good for home clean;
    12. Suction power: 6.8Kpa——12.5Kpa;
    13. Max 68000RPM;

  • WD4